When You Are Heart Centered You Can Express & Embody Your Authentic Self Effortlessly

Spiritual Quote and Message

You are a loving being at your essence đŸ€ When we are not in a heart centered state in our human experience, it is then that we operate from our traumas, conditioning, the past, most dominant collective energy, subconscious etc. It's almost like we are at mercy to whatever is happening around us & what momentum is going. We may find it hard to be authentic because we don't even know how that would feel or be expressed and embodied as, because it seems like we don't have a connection to that true part of us.

Cultivating a connection and communication with our hearts (aka divine self) will assist us in so many ways. Some examples are, in self discovery / remembering who we truly are, experiencing more love, peace & compassion, being more present, learning how to relate to ourselves & others, expanded states of consciousness, anchoring a high frequency on the Earth to benefit all, being of service through just being ourselves, healing/ integration + so much more.

Now it's not about being heart centered 100% of the time, because duality does exist in a lower dimensional state of consciousness that we are apart of being human, but more & more we attune to our true nature & we shift out of being stuck in the old paradigms. When we are not in a heart centered state it can be of huge value - we learn, grow, experience, allow new desires to arise. If you mainly reside in the heart but come out of it now & again that is ok because as a heart-centered being you embrace all & welcome it because you understand the oneness, connectedness & value of all moments. As we are all unique aspects of Source, we all may have different preferences/hearts callings/passions we want to follow, take action on or create. Therefore we can honor that & use discernment when needed & follow our inspiration & throughout life be a more conscious bridge between these different dimensions/frequencies & always come back & ground into our true heart centered nature.

Your connection to your heart & divinity is important & will support you greatly in your human experience - don't forget it đŸ€

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