What True Acceptance Really Is

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It's time to talk about what true acceptance really is..

In our society, we often think of acceptance in this distorted way, not in its full, true way. For instance, we think sometimes just accepting something means we are settling for less, or we are accepting something that we don't want, or we are putting up with something. That's not the case at all! True acceptance is where we truly accept our divinity and the divintiy in all things. We make decisions and we take actions from this place whilst also having acceptance of the present moment. From the present moment, we accept what is and then we allow the highest expression of the situation, or whatever it is, to arise.

For example, if you're in an abusive relationship, you don't just accept the relationship and stay in it and continue being abused. What true acceptance is, is that you see it for what it truly is, you see through the eyes of your divinity, and you see the truth of the situation here. "I see that it's not healthy, I see that I'm destined for more than this, I see that I don't deserve to be treated in this manner".etc. That's what you accept! You accept your divinity, you accept your worthiness and all of that which you are and you see the situation for what it is. atThen it's from that place you can leave the relationship or you can take inspired action that you know you need to take or perhaps non-action in that moment. But ultimately you accept the present moment and you see it from a higher perspective, from its highest state, and then from that moment, you have that free choice to choose what you do from there. That's why remembering your divinity is so important during this time, because if you don't remember your divinity, then perhaps yes, you will go more into that distorted view of understanding acceptance as just putting up with it, and that's not the case.

So, true acceptance is accepting the moment,accepting your divinity, and going from there, knowing you are powerful. That place of true acceptance is really that place of non-resistance. When you stop that fighting, when you stop feeling that internal battle within you and you accept and you allow, then you can see from this clear and heart-centered space. You integrate the mind with the heart and you can see clearly. You can have true acceptance of the situation for what it is right now, and then you move forward from that place. You're the one that will get the wisdom during that time. You're the one that will know the right thing to do. You'll feel it and you'll know it. That's the power of true acceptance.

There is divinity within you and within all things that are real. The divinity will arise and see seen by you in a situation through acceptance.

Much Love,


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