What's holding you back?

What's holding you back?

Limiting beliefs?

Past experiences?

Not enough time?

Not enough money?

Not enough energy?

The mind will come up with so many excuses & hold you back from ever going after something you feel called to do..

What's the point of being frozen in fear & doubt & having the subconscious mind run the show... tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

How much longer are you gonna play small & put the needs & opinions of others first over the calling of your heart & soul?

You may never feel 100% totally ready..

But when your intuition speaks & inspiration hits..it's time to take that inspired action & let your heart guide you.

You can't expect your mind to fully comprehend something as divine & infinite as your soul..

Say yes to those opportunities that arise in your reality..

Follow the joy, excitement, love..

Let yourself trust & be guided by your higher self!

Much Love 💜