What are you attached to?

What are you attached to?

Perhaps you have never asked yourself that question...

It could be a possession, a person, a belief etc often it feels like it fulfills your needs & you feel like it's 'yours'.

You may be conscious of certain things or perhaps unaware of an attachment until it leaves you or changes & then you feel a strong emotional trigger within you & a feeling of powerlessness, loss & perhaps feeling like a victim & that you can't live without it...

The more we can become aware of the things we label as 'mine' or 'my' we can then observe if we have become attached to them rather than being unconditional with them.

We can then shift into a more empowered place of being anchored in our hearts & inner peace with the acceptance & knowing that in life everything changes, transforms, transitions in some way & its not for us to try control this in any way but instead be able to allow & let go of anything in any moment.

Can we accept & be at ease if these things were in our life one moment & gone the next?

Would we feel differently about ourselves or feel like we cannot go within & meet these needs, that we need to get it from something outside of us?

For example, are you able to stay in your center if your money got stolen, your house burnt down, a relationship ends etc

Would this affect you on a level where it feels like you lost a part of you?

Would you feel like this thing was taken from you without your permission & you feel like a victim?

Ask yourself what is the energy or essence of this thing that you feel now you have lost? Eg security, safety, abundance, love, connection, power, self worth etc

And how can you more deeply anchor this into your being from within?

How resilient & anchored in our soul alignment can we be when things may exit in our life?

(While also honoring the alchemizing/processing/integrating that may need to occur) 💜

Much Love 🦋