Weekly discussions with Lydia & Hayley in the 4 Week Reset - Mind Body Spirit Immersion

During the 4 Week Reset - Mind Body Spirit Immersion each week there are discussions with me & @coach_lydia_ where we dive into some topics that include setting intentions & goals, listening to your body, creating a supportive lifestyle & recognizing opportunities for growth.

These chats are so epic & will get you so fired up to make the rest of 2021 the best year yet! đŸ”„

Lydia is an online coach & mindset mentor who uses physical training & mindfulness practices to empower, educate & support epic humans on their self discovery journey of becoming the badassest versions of themselves yet!

Together we have collaborated & co created this amazing opportunity for 10 souls to join us to make June the month to nurture all levels of their being - mental, emotional, physical & spiritual.