We Are Learning To Accept & Surrender To Our Divinity As Things Shift & Transform

Updated: Oct 4

Spiritual Quote & Message:

When we hold so tightly onto something when it is wanting to be transformed therefore are in a state of non acceptance and resistance, we are creating our own suffering. This could be a situation, identity, relationship etc. It is "normal" for this to happen when we grow up learning to control our lives and are in fear of the unknown, but it is not normal for our spirit or true self to be limited and stuck in such a way.

Transformation, expansion, multidimensionality and our own divinity is what our human aspect is learning to accept and surrender into so it can integrate the lessons, energies and embody and express more of it's true nature on Earth in this lifetime. This is how we can become soul led, heart centered and experience more peace, joy,love, flow and grace in life. As we allow things to process and alchemize without hesitation and instead with a willingness, trust & knowing even if there is discomfort in the moment, we can then recognize & experience our freedom and the power within.

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