We are all One

We are all one...all connected..

Interweaving our journeys together ..co creating..triggering each other so we can grow, shed the layers, awaken to who we really are. See everyone on Earth as one big community playing roles for eachother for our highest good...it is important we feel connected not separate. Feeling seperate from others and the universe/source keeps us in survival mode..it feels like its us against the world. It makes us think we have to struggle and things are going to be hard. I like to envision infinity symbols between me and everyone I know..knowing we are all interwoven and in eachothers lives for a reason...for our expansion, theirs and the universe. Words and actions from one to another allow us to react with love and compassion with a higher perspective..these are gateways for us to expand our consciousness an become master creators. Im reminded how every moment and encounter is sacred and special no matter what how small...so be present..be here now. React with compassion and forgiveness and see what opportunity is presenting itself in that moment. If something triggers you how can you look inside yourself and ask why?

How special and divine life is.

Much Love