We Are All Love At Our Essence

A transmission I would like to share with you...

Love is what you are at your essence. You do not need to get it or find it, but instead embrace it from within. You can then experience true unconditional love within life itself. It is here in all moments, but the question is whether you are open to receiving and accepting this love from yourself, from Source or from Spirit (as well as humans, animals etc).

You will discover the love that you are when you remember your connection to Source, and as you attune to the higher frequencies and integrate the higher dimensional consciousness that you already exist as, into your human embodiment and awareness. As you allow this loving presence that you are to emerge through your non-resistance to it, the more love you will feel from within during this human experience and the more love you have the capacity to embody and express out into the world.

You came into this world as love and you will transition from this lifetime as love. You are never not it, but this lower dimensional reality will make it seem like you and much of life is anything but (due to the dualistic nature of a lower dimensional reality). However, it is the density that you experience in this life which will awaken you into the remembrance of your light and love, and that of all beings at their essence, even if they are playing a role in this lifetime that does not demonstrate this currently.

The key is to become aware of your judgements, hate and fear and invite in compassion, love and unity to the best of your ability as your life unfolds offering you moments of remembrances, healing and opportunities to choose what frequency and consciousness you would like to live from.

Much Love,


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