Unconditional Love & Acceptance Can Assist In Healing & Transformation

Updated: Sep 3

Spiritual Message and Quote:

Often when people are hurt, trying to cope or going through a hard time, being shown some unconditionally love, kindness & presence is what will make them feel safe & can soften the hardness or barriers it feels like they have put up. They can see that you truly see them underneath what they are currently experiencing or going through & they have the courage to see the truth of reality & move through the pain that is wanting to be alchemized. The reason why I feel so called about reminding humanity about their divinity is that, it is then that someone remembers their true empowerment, realizes that they belong here & that there is so much goodness within them. They access their heart & inner guidance & can life a good human life feeling full of purpose, whatever that looks like for them. Sometimes using disapproving words or wishing someone was acting different than what they are currently expressing or embodying only represents your resistance to it, rather than allowing someone to move through their healing in their own time with compassion & understanding. Often the other person will feel even more separation, misunderstood & alone if you act out towards them based on your own triggers. Understand we are all unique, we are not ment to be clones of your own version of what people should be like. True love is unconditional, a state of being & what you are , although many of us were brought up being shown conditional love where we felt forced to suppress & reject our "unlovable" parts & learn that we are only loved when we meet someone's conditions. Learning to love unconditionally is in essence, the journey of many lifetimes to master. To remember, embody & express the love that we are & to be that no matter what. In life we will come up against all that which challenges us in this regard, so become as conscious as you can when it does arise, have compassion & set healthy boundaries for your own self love but also treat others how you would like to be treated to the best of your ability. See the opportunity that is presenting itself. Don't forget your connection to all unique beings & everyone's divinity 🙏

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