Unconditional Love

🦋 You can offer & send unconditional love to others but it is not your responsibility if they do not open, receive & accept it on a conscious level in that moment (as this will be received on a quantum level as unconditional love is energy, light, consciousness). Keep radiating love, sending it out to others but don't be discouraged if they shove it aside or put their own conditions & distortions on it - because unconditional love is given freely because you want to give it & expect nothing in return. You do it because you love, appreciate & care for them & it brings you joy to offer it to them, whether you bring this unconditional love through a hug, kiss, your presence, a phone call, a physical gift, a meal or hot drink you made for them, a kind word, a smile, an action, sending unconditional loving energy etc

When you feel unconditional love from within & know it is who you truly are, it overflows & you want to share it with others. You don't do it because you have to or because you need external validation or need it to be given back to you in return, but from a place of wholeness & embodied divine essence.

For if others have built barriers around their heart that is for them to allow it to come down through their own healing process & through surrendering to it. When someone is suffering they can suppress their feminine essence of being open, receptive & feeling love & compassion. They can go into survival & safety mode, being mind focused & operating from old belief systems & traumas from the past.

A couple of things can happen when you are offering unconditional love to another who may be resistant to receiving love from themselves or others. The unconditional love that you are constantly giving to them can melt away the barriers they have put up, they realize you are still giving this love freely regardless of how they have been acting or pushing away. As we all truly want to accept it on a conscious level, it's just that we can be scared of what it can mean if we give ourselves permission to allow it in because of past wounds, because at our core we are all beings of unconditional love we just may have forgotten & suppressed it. If you have the most dominant vibration in a group or in a one on one situation then they can start to resonate & entrain with you, so they begin to vibrate at a higher state just by you holding that frequency & welcoming them to join you there. First & foremost allow the unconditional love that you feel expanding from within you to change your life & your way of being. Emanating this love out will not be forced in anyway but a natural byproduct of you being that Love that you are & at a soul level it will be received by those around you even if they do not understand it recognise it on a mind or physical level.