Trust your inner knowing

We know instantly if something doesn't feel right or if something is totally for us. It's the mind that then kicks in and starts to analyze & work things out logically & then this can override our own intuition and we talk ourselves out of following our inner guidance or hearts calling. It can be fine to ask for help or guidance from others, you do not have to do everything alone, but deep down you know what is best for you more than anyone else. People can only offer you back guidance & support from their own level of awareness & through their own filters of beliefs & experiences which yes can be helpful but understand you are not them & you don't want their fears getting in the way of you doing something that is for your highest good. The best thing another person can do is to listen, be present & invite you to trust your own inner guidance, knowing & calling of your heart. Using discernment is important & also taking time to integrate the energies, codes, information that is coming to you. So its first recognizing the intuitive hit and then knowing if you need to act on this inspiration now or whether you need to take time to integrate these downloads before taking the action eg quitting a job, ending a relationship, moving overseas etc. Trusting that there is divine timing for everything & life is to be lived in the moment not to be rushed before all the components (that are beyond your control) are aligned. The universe will not give you something that you are not ready for, it is reflecting back to you things that are for you, whether that be for you to heal & release or to claim & invite into your life. You are the one who is always receiving messages from your soul & have inspiration flowing through for a reason. There are many timelines & potentials & outcomes & it is through your frequency, your decisions, your actions, your thoughts that determine the life you live. Make sure you always go within your own being to decide which path to take. Trust the inspiration you receive. Honor the unique perspectives from others around you but ultimately allow yourself to be soul led 🦋

Much Love