To the Humble ones ~

I see you. You know who you are, you hold wisdom, you hold compassion, you hold unconditional love.

People may mistake your humbleness for not being assertive or strong..but you know that true strength does not require yourself to be anything more than that which you are, that being your authentic & vulnerable self is what truly matters..& that is something that you don't need to force or push or boast about...its about your state of being.

You respect & honor others uniqueness & see yourself in them. There is no hierarchy here but a sense of oneness, the same divine essence within all - you have remembered who you are at a soul level & honor your humanity, understanding you are here to integrate all aspects of you.

You do not need to be the center of attention or have a false identity just to get more people to like you..having deep, intimate connections are most important.

You are great at listening & observing & only want to contribute to a conversation if it comes from the heart & you feel inspired to do so, not to speak just to fill the silence.

You allow other people to think whatever they want about you because you know they are seeing you through their own unique lens & level of consciousness & all is perfect.

You go within for self inquiry, healing & self love instead of looking for it from others because you know how to fill your own cup.

Sweet soul, shine your light unapologetically in your own unique way of the empowered humble soul that walks the Earth being embodied in the wholeness that you are. Be the wayshower of the new earth who integrates both the masculine & feminine energies within to create balance in your inner & outer world.

Much Love 💜