To humanity

Our message to humanity at this time is do not fear dear ones for this too shall pass. There may be turbulent times ahead but you can embrace these with grace. Dear ones it is one step at a time. Let things fall away let a new path be paved out for humanity at this time. It is OK to fear change but know these things are happening for the highest good. There is a plan at play that many of you have forgotten.

Take it one day at a time & tuning into your being to feel what it is you need at that moment. This is a time to go within without the normal distractions of your everyday life. Do you decide to listen? Or do you decide to ignore? It's up to you but things will be shifting within you & as a collective either way.

Your teams are with you supporting you & guiding you. Lean into them when you feel lost or in dispear. You all are so special & we thank you for being here at this time.

- Aghat my pleiadian guide