Tips to quantum leap you into the life you want!

Feeling so proud of myself. Feeling so supported and abundant. Feeling so powerful and in the flow. This year so far has been full of so much growth, embodiment and freedom for me.

I want to offer some tips or insight to what has really quantum leaped me into this current moment of feeling so happy to be a human on Earth and and with who I am feeling freee

1. Going with the flow with inspired action, not thinking too much about it just creating for the joy of it!

2. Taking time to allow, receive and be in my center (heart).

3. Appreciation of who I am and everything around me

4. Being grounded (If you resonate with being a starseed you get the difficulty haha)

5. Embodiment of my souls essence through my voice, creations and how I behave and act towards myself and others. (And letting go of the old personality/self and integrating the ego).

6. Creating boundaries - Knowing my values and truth and honoring that. Understanding how much energy I can give to others while making sure my cup is full. (Also being able to say no - not people pleasing).

7. Full permission to feel, integrate and transmute all the feels (No bypassing here life is not all rainbows and butterflies).

8. Holding the intention to see through the eyes of source/god/higher self and knowing that any experience i encounter is a gift, it enables me to see perhaps what needs further healing or an opportunity to be of service.

Pretty much all the divine feminine vibes bringing in the goods!

I hope these tips can assist you in some way

Much Love