Can we allow ourselves to trust and know in a loving Universe/God/ Source and to allow the unfoldment of life to occur?

Can we allow ourselves to create and explore what we can and want to through our ability to focus our consciousness and to tune into our desired frequency?

Can we follow the calling of our hearts and be an authentic expression of our soul's essence?

Can we allow our state of being to influence our present moment experience in all now moments?

Can we also honor the pre-birth intentions that we had for this life that we may not be conscious of, but regardless we integrate the lessons and wisdom and accept the purpose of it?

Can we ultimately allow ourselves to be on a journey of knowing ourselves as Love through this world of form and physicality?

Through the perceived good times and the bad times and all the varying vibrations and emotions that exist

Through the world of duality, so we can come back into unity consciousness and oneness remembrance

Much Love,