This life

This life can be full of all kinds of experiences, energies, emotions & initiations as you move forward on your path.

You can be cracked open through suffering but also from Love, Bliss & Joy.

No matter what is going on around you can choose to rise up & stay true to your hearts calling & be in your souls alignment & see the opportunities for healing & expansion.

Do not underestimate the power of your energetic, emotional, mental state.

If you feel yourself being caught up by dense energies around you come back to your heart & claim your sovereignty.

Alchemize all that which comes into your field into a higher state.

You are the one that gets to choose what you allow into your field & if you invest energy into it or if you release & clear it.

You are the one that can stand up & claim your power as a divine being having the honor of being here in this lifetime right now being a part of this human experience.

Let this journey strengthen you & remind you of who you truly are 💜

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Much Love 💜