Things happen FOR me

I know everything that occurs in my reality is for me.

I know when i get triggered by something it allows me to see a limiting belief within myself that needs to be released. I know when certain themes constantly occur on my path it is part of my life purpose to explore this. I know my heart centre is a portal to all that is. I now that everything is either love or fear (a call for love). I know i chose to come to Earth at this time to assist in the great awakening. I know guidance is given to me at all times and it is up to me to acknowledge and trust. I know i am a multidimensional being. I know i am one with the trees, animals and humans. I know tragic events occur to bring so much unconditional love and unity to the collective and all is perfect. I know everything occurs in divine time. I know I am love, powerful, divine. So grateful for my journey and all experiences and lessons that help me with my expansion.

Much Love