The Sacred Transition into Non Physicality

I've never experienced the death of a loved one before this week & never knew how I would handle it... but I'm feeling so much peace & also moments of so much love! Sure there has been a lot of tears wanting to be shed & I allow the waves of sadness to come up, but I never knew that the transition of a loved one into non physicality could mostly feel so peaceful.

Have you too have felt this?

I felt more suffering when she was alive when half of me was in resistance to what was- this is where surrender & acceptance is so healing & why being unconditional with people & things is so important because everything changes & transitions.

I'm so grateful for this experience & it has cracked my heart open to more Love & a deeper understanding of life & the constant transformation & expansion of it.

When we expand our consciousness & raise up into the higher dimensions while being grounded here we realize spirit is all around us, they are right here just in a non physical form, their consciousness is eternal.

Heaven can be experienced here on Earth..the question is are you in the frequency range of experiencing it as such?

In the western world we have been so conditioned to see death as bad, as wrong, as something horrible & nobody wants to talk about it.

But really it is Sacred & all part of the cycle of life & I truly believe it all occurs in divine timing in accordance with the soul no matter if it may seem as an 'accident' or' too soon'.. From a soul level & higher perspective we can see the perfection in all of it, no matter how unfair or bad it may seem for the ego or linear human mind that may not understand this multidimensional experience.

Sure we can miss our them in our physical life, having them around in this physical experience, it may take some time to adjust. But if we are so attached to the physical being & thinking that's all they are and all they will ever be & not seeing them as a soul in physical form this us when it can cause a lot of suffering.

Know you are Love, you are Eternal & we are all One, will you embrace this experience or will you be resistant to what is?

Much Love 🦋