The Sacred Soul Membership

A collective of awakened female millenial souls on a journey to remember, activate and embody their highest self!

You will receive:

~ Weekly content : One video per week it could be a tool, teaching, activation, light language, soundbath, meditation and more!

~ Access to previous content: You will have access to past videos so you can watch them anytime!

~ Distance Energy Healing: This is done once a month during the first week of every month. Done behind the scenes for 30mins to send loving healing energy to all the girls in the group!

Why is it so affordable?

So $22 USD per month works out to be around 70c per day this is because I want to have a safe, informative space for ALL female millennials like you to access and soak up wisdom and knowledge to help you on your journey no matter what you earn! Your self growth is an investment so this membership enables you to listen/learn/embody something new every week – not just a one off purchase and forget about it. This is for the women that are willing and see the value in exchanging 70c per day into their self growth.

How to access the membership platform?

You will see a tab on my website under Sacred Soul Membership called SSM Access where you can subscribe and access all the content once you are logged in. It costs only $22 USD per month so you can cancel anytime / no contracts! So you really have nothing to lose but so much to gain if your growth and expansion is important to you! (This is pretty much like a weekly gym membership but for your soul! Self love & care is no longer an option but a priority!)