The Role Of A Spiritual Healer

A healer can bring through a transmission to support a person who may not be able to access that energy and wisdom within themselves in that moment - Hayley Zammit

We are all our own healers, but that doesn't mean that everyone remembers or claims their wholeness or their ability to heal... They may not have the awareness or be able to reside in a higher vibrational state during a certain phase in their life.. They may not feel safe enough (due to trauma) to be in a state of surrender and receptivity to healing energies and consciousness in the moment... It may not be a part of what their soul wanted to go through in this lifetime.. Or more, the healing journey for everyone is so unique in how it presents itself to us.. A spiritual healer, we could say, has the ability to invite/initiate a person into the remembrance of their innate ability to bring about harmony and wholeness within.. An invitation to be open and willing to integrate and bring love to all parts of themselves & to attune to health and harmony.. Some people discover their own ability to heal themselves through experiences that they face in their life that they overcome in their own unique way.. Some people use these times as a catalyst to awaken and remember who they truly are.. For some, getting support from a healer that they trust & are open to, can be a possible gateway to step into their own power and remember who they truly are and their potential... A spiritual healer can be a channel & introduce a higher dimensional transmission to another to receive and accept if they choose to do so... A true healer knows that it's not them or the session that heals the person, it is the person's acceptance and integration of the energies during/after the session that are transmitted that is what is healing.. The expansion in consciousness and increased vibratory state that they can attune to and reside in if they allow it is powerful..

May you be reminded of the inner healer that resides within yourself. Let a healer be a reflection of your own ability to alchemize energy and attune to higher consciousness. May you receive the support that is there for you both on a physical & non physical way (holistic). (For me, it wasn't until I hit rock bottom that I could let go, surrender and open up to "a higher power" and allow myself to discover the healing potential within me, trust your path)

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