The power of Presence

Can you have unconditional love & compassion for yourself no matter what is coming up for you? I invite you to not set conditions for loving yourself by only being present when you are feeling good, but allow yourself presence & stillness to feel, listen, acknowledge all that is coming up for you emotionally, mentally, spiritually & physically.

So often people want to distract themselves with alcohol, TV, social media, work, pretty much anything, constantly DOing instead of BEing. Wanting to ignore & bypass the shadows or discomfort - you can only do this for so long until you realize you can't run anymore.

You are a divine being of light & love in human form & you can alchemise the dark into light through your presence & surrender rather than resisting & fighting against. You are so powerful, & have the ability to give yourself the sacred medicine of your own Love & Presence.

Remove the limiting beliefs & programming that say you are powerless, weak & unworthy.

I invite you to claim your power, soverighty, light, gifts & authenticity now.

Much Love 💜

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