The personal development trap - do you feel the need to constantly "level up"?

Have you ever been so caught up in the personal development world and are constantly hustling and needing to be and do better?

Do you find yourself needing to reach your goals, level up and be a better version of yourself?

Feeling not okay with who you are now and feeling frustrated that you aren't where you want to be?

Wanting to better your life, learn and succeed in life is all well and good, as long as you feel good doing it! Be eager for the future but simultaneously appreciative and blessed with who you are and the life you have now. When you can be in the flow of life and feel empowered in the process and you know who you truly are and have that sense of purpose and hearts calling you will claim your true power.

However if you are not feeling joy, empowerment and inspiration as you head down the path of self development then it's time to come back to your heart and true self. It's time to tap into the wholeness that you are, remembering and embracing your natural gifts and abilities, feeling appreciation and gratitude with where you are now and remaining in the present moment where you can come back into balance and harmony on all levels of your being ( mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) so then you are operating from a centered place rather than feeling anxious, depressed and unworthy in your daily life and operating from a dysregulated nervous system.

As we begin to feel the calling within us to evolve, transform and grow, we can go deep and see the core of this desire is stemming from wanting to know who we truly are at a soul level. You want to know who you are and why you are here, what your purpose is and how you can be of service to others. You become more self aware as you recognize emotions start to come up from past situations, outdated belief systems are being acknowledged, you notice the mental chatter is different from who you really are and you feel drawn to different activities, places, people and things.

As you go through the process of unfoldment into peeling away all of the layers of programming and conditioning from childhood and society and tap into the essence of your unique soul and experience the love, bliss, joy and peace that has always been there you come to the understanding that all the things that you were seeking outside of you, where inside of you already! All the hustling and striving towards certain goals, possessions and status was really just a means to feel something, to get into a certain vibration, it was the energy of it that was important. So when you know you can tap into and access these frequencies for yourself without anything changing around you in your life you become liberated and begin to follow the calling of your heart compared to operating solely from a mind level and always needing to be somewhere else. You may still want to reach certain goals or have a vision but you don't sacrifice your wellbeing in the process.

It is now that the self development journey becomes an inner journey and embracing and acceptance of the self rather than needing to be saved, changed or fixed. You are not broken and you never were, you just couldn't see it for yourself yet...but now you will step forward each day with the knowing of who you truly are and doing things because you felt inspired to them and it brings you joy and opportunity to embrace more of yourself and experience more ease and flow in your life.

"Accept and embrace who you truly are now, whilst simultaneously knowing that everything that needs the light of your consciousness shone upon it will come up to your awareness when it should. Both for your soul's expansion and that which will bring you joy!" - Hayley Zammit