The journey of life

It's all about the unfoldment of your journey, embracing the process of it ~ that includes all the phases & cycles, initiations & activations, the range of emotions we have the ability to feel & all experiences.There is no right, wrong, good, bad ~ it just is, & you decide what you label it or how you respond to it..will you see through the eyes of source or of the ego? Ascension is all about experiences, expansion & raising up into a higher dimensional state which can take a process of releasing, remembering, embracing learning, activating, embodying, healing & it never ends, there is no final destination to reach but a continuous unfolding & expansion of consciousness.

Embrace being in the present moment ~ savoring your daily practices, the interactions you have with others, the nature around you, the food you eat, the smells & sensations. It's really the little things that make life magical when you start to become more conscious & present & drop into the heart space & care about your energy, thoughts, beliefs & your way of being.

It's not about hustling, stressing, & living for the weekend...its about living your life with an appreciation, a playfulness & curiosity, a joy, inner peace & alignment with your natural state. Being grounded & feeling blessed for being here in this lifetime.

Do what you enjoy & love whilst being eager & excited for what is to come ~ it is your birthright to feel unconditional love, abundance, freedom etc & to create that for yourself in whatever way that looks like to you.

You can desire to be the best version of you but don't let it stress you out or make you feel that you arnt worthy or good enough just as you are now ~ coz where you are now is in perfect, & in any moment you can choose to align with a different timeline so no worries.

The more you let go of controling everything & allow yourself to receive inspiration & act upon it you will experience so much more joy & flow while naturally attracting the feels you wanted to feel.

Celebrate where you are now & honor your journey thus far knowing your soul always wants to expand so allow & receive the gifts & opportunities life is always presenting to you.

Much Love 💜