The Human Experience Is A Spiritual Journey To Awaken To Your True Nature

Spiritual Quote & Message:

The human experience of living in a lower dimensional existence and waking up to our true nature so we can be an embodiment and expression of our essence and remember the love that is at the foundation of all of creation, is what we are all invited into.

Being a human is one heck of a spiritual journey, it's not a separate thing at all, but a divine arrangement. We have been given free will and a sense of identity and it is up to us to use it to be in coherence with our divine will so that evolution in our spiritual development may occur. However also know that any experience is of value to Source, so it's not about always choosing the "highest path" if we are not awakened yet and cannot see. It's about the unfoldment and becoming as self aware as possible as you move forward and allowing the old to fall away and alchemize when it is time for you to shift & expand your consciousness.

No matter how far we may stray from our alignment with our true self's will and that of Source, we are always being guided back and regardless of what we do here, we will always return back to the oneness and we will come to know the loving multidimensional consciousness that we are and are a part of.

How we live our human experience is up to us, but you are invited to remember who you are and why you came 🤍

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