The Compatibility Of Your Humanity And Your Divinity

Updated: Sep 3

The reason why it is important that you remember your divinity is because that is when you will feel true, innate empowerment and feel a sense of purpose and meaning in your life. So often many of us are just identified with our conditioned human self and a lot of people can feel lost and depressed in their lives because they feel separate from their divine nature. It isn’t until they remember their divinity that they feel their life force come streaming through them, they feel like they belong on the Earth and that they have a purpose for being here and life is full of meaning.

From that place, it is important to integrate your humanity and your divinity (which is a paradox because your humanness is divine and you are whole). You don’t want to go off the other end either and identify yourself with only your divinity and neglect your humanity, because you chose to come into this lifetime as a human, and that was an important thing at a soul level. So integrate both of these beautiful things and understand that both our humanity and divinity go together. They are complementary. They are compatible and two aspects of you, so when you integrate and love all parts of you that’s when you will truly feel alive, and feel a sense of power and purpose in this lifetime.

This reminds us why being in the present moment is so important. When we are in the present moment, we can be conscious of both our humanity and divinity. We feel our humanness, our body, where we are, and what is around us, we feel the sensations and emotions that are arising within our physical body, while simultaneously feeling our divinity, feeling the presence of who we truly are, feeling our connection to our soul and Source.

So it is very important not to identify solely with one aspect of us but instead accept ALL of us. Honor this life as a human and honor you as a divine being, weaving them together and using that full soul power that you have from the wisdom that you have at a soul level and embracing the human experience, what is happening in physical reality right here.

You can then flow with life, the lessons, and experiences and feel the richness in each moment. This is because in the human experience you have the ability to feel so much, you have the ability to create in physical form whereas you couldn’t do that if you were in the higher realms as a being of light. This was a cool, vibrational playground you get to play in. So work with the wholeness of you, your humanity, and your divinity!

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