The calling of your heart

One aspect of being soul led is that the calling of your heart is the most important thing, it is your compass for navigating your lifetime - what you want to offer & put out into the world, how you radiate & express yourself, where you live & spend your time, who you feel called to be of service to or get mentored by, what activities or practices you do. Compared to being purely logic & mind based when making decisions & actions, being soul led is integrating the two to work in harmony to serve you for your highest good. You don't let the perceived blocks or barriers of money, time, resources, limiting beliefs interfere with how you want to live your life ~ you consciously go within & dive into these & heal & transform them & create miracles & move forward following the calling of your heart & soul.

Who feels the call to be soul led in 2021? 👐✋👌