Tap into the Love that you are

No matter what is occurring in your external life or what you are going through within - you are a multidimensional being of Love. This is your birthright & natural state as you are a being of source energy. Allow yourself to surrender into this energy of unconditional love through being in the present moment or as you are drifting off to sleep set the intention to feel the love that you are & focus on your heart center. You may notice some resistance come up as you do this - this can be because of past hurts or trauma when you had an open heart as a child, but got shut down & from then on your body & system is telling you it's not safe & you will be hurt again, so you feel this internal battle of wanting to feel unconditional love but also self sabotage yourself from not feeling safe to fully open up. Tell yourself that it is safe to feel the love that you are, to feel it within & that you will accept & honor it & that it has no reason now to feel unsafe. Nurture & have compassion for yourself in a way you perhaps did not receive from your parents or others. Give yourself permission to tap into your souls essence, your divinity, your heart. You are your own healer & the sacred medicine of your own presence & compassion will assist you in feeling & knowing the love that you are & the light that you are here to be in the world.