Streams of consciousness

There are many different streams of consciousness that all stem from the one source consciousness. Just like what we may deem as good, bad, right, wrong, light, dark are all God/Source no matter what we label or identify them as or how we go about seperating things & forming our essence we are all aspects of source aka the eternal presence of loving awareness.There are many different non physical beings & physical incarnations that are vessels or channels for these different streams of consciousness (eg Jesus was one of the channels for christ consciousness) whether the being exists on the Earth plane or star system or in a lower dimension or in a higher dimension. We can tap into these different streams of consciousness through what we are in resonance with & if we choose to expand our consciousness or to stay in our limited human awareness.

We are all One, but each unique sparks of the whole. Your oversoul has projected one physical form (of many) of you to come here in this very lifetime to be the human you are now (although different timelines exist), holding not only your true souls essence of unconditional love, but also other codes or qualities to embody. In order to truly know who we are we must integrate those parts of us that we have suppressed or pushed away (due to many factors). When we can truly be honest with ourselves these parts will often show up & be presented in our lives through other people & experiences that we can then process/integrate/heal. Everything is always happening for us to bring us back into the rembrance of our wholeness/oneness/natural state aka Love. 🦋