Spiritual Guidance Session With Spiritual Teacher Hayley Zammit

Updated: Oct 8

Seeking spiritual guidance? In need of spiritual support? Looking for an online spiritual teacher?

Book a 30min or 60min Spiritual Guidance and Support session with Hayley via Zoom (video call). This is for you if you are looking for spiritual guidance or spiritual direction in your life.

You may be wondering..

  • How can I tune in deeper to who I truly am?

  • How can I move forward in my spiritual development?

  • How can I truly feel alive?

  • How can I see through the eyes of Source/God/Love?

  • Am I going through a spiritual awakening?

  • How can I be of service to the world?

  • I feel like there is more to me and to life that I am currently experiencing

  • How can I experience more peace, love, joy and grace?

  • What is the meaning or purpose of my life?

  • How can I deepen my connection to the divine?

  • + more

If you are in need of spiritual guidance, a spiritual guidance session is open for you to talk about what is coming up for you and whatever it is you want spiritual support with.

Hayley will be a compassionate listener while also offering wisdom or a higher perspective to support you in expanding your consciousness and bringing healing to what wants to be integrated or what may be wanting to come up to your awareness. However, she is ultimately inviting you to look within yourself for the answers you seek and to recognize the wisdom within you.

From a spiritual guidance session, you may move forward feeling empowered and remember more of who you truly are. You may see the divine unfolding in whatever you are going through. You may be able to understand life from a different perspective. Hayley knows how helpful it can be to have some spiritual guidance and support beyond what the limited human awareness may only be able to perceive in the moment, so this session is an invitation to see through the eyes of your higher self.

A spiritual guidance and support session takes place via Zoom (video call) in the comfort of your own home, so if you want spiritual guidance near you, book a virtual spiritual guidance session.

If you would like spiritual support via messaging on voxer in between your 1:1 spiritual guidance sessions, Hayley offers Spiritual Direction Messaging Support (4 weeks). Get daily spiritual guidance over 3 days per week for a month.

Frequently asked questions

How can I receive spiritual guidance?

You can receive spiritual guidance yourself by tuning into your inner guidance or spirit guides by being open and receptive. You can receive the guidance through your intuition such as through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and more. You are always recieving signs and messages that may appear phsyically or more emotionally and spiritually. If you want support on your spiritual journey then a spiritual teacher will be able to support you as well.

Why do we need spiritual guidance?

Spiritual guidance is needed in our life so we can evolve as a soul and as a part of the one Source consciousness. To be guided by our spirit we can live life with meaning and purpose and experience more love, joy, flow and grace. It is so important that we remember who we truly are and can express and embody our true self in this human experience. We came into this life for a reason, so allowing that to unfold and be revealed to us step by step is what we came for. We will move along our path feeling supported, guided and never alone!

For further spiritual guidance and meditation offerings

~ Purchase my spiritual books on Amazon (in the process of writing more!)

~ Listen to my meditation bundles or get a custom meditation script written

~ Receive a distance healing or channeled message

~ Get a free 30 day guest pass to the Aura Health App

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