Spiritual Awakening - 4 things I needed

Due to the shift that is currently happening and how it is a time of great awakening for the collective I wanted to share about the 4 things I needed during my awakening that I had beginning of 2016. My awakening was triggered by a breakup and period of depression and not knowing how I was going to get through another day.Through my own personal unfoldment on my journey I can understand and relate to those who are currently suffering and in those dark places as their current reality as they now it is breaking away. These points may help you or someone you know.

4 Things I needed during my awakening:

1. Freedom to FEEL & HEAL

A space to feel safe have have permission to let my emotions out instead of being given pills and distractions to keep my mind busy and to suppress everything and shove it down and feel that it was wrong to feel emotions such as grief, anger , sadness etc

2. Someone I could look up to or RELATE to

To have someone who had been though what I had that I could relate to instead of feeling like nobody understands and not knowing if there was a way of getting out of that low state.

3. Assistance with getting through the PRESENT MOMENT

Instead of people promoting positivity and bypassing and focussing on the future instead I needed help in the present moment

4. Practical Tools

Instead of being consumed by thoughts in the mind and staring at the wall crying I wish I had practical tools to assist me during the day such as knowing about meditation, journalling, the power of sound and my ow voice, energy and self love practices.

Im grateful I had my spiritual awakening back then so now I can be a wayshower and be of service to those who are currently going through theirs. This is why I create guided meditations and sound healings to hold space and offer some practical tools to assist during these times of transformation.

Much love to you all