Sound / ASMR Bundle Volume 1

Download MP3 Sound Healing / ASMR Audios Online For Relaxation and Focus

Want to have your own tracks you can play in the background that don't need wifi?

Sick of being interrupted by YouTube ads when meditating?

Want to make sure you can always access soothing sounds?

Drawn to meditation without any talking?

Want sounds to put on at night to help you sleep?

If you feel called to listen to sound / ASMR tracks for the purpose of relaxation, calming and focus, I have put together the Sound / ASMR Bundle Volume 1 , which includes 7 different sound only tracks.

Having soothing sounds in the background when we work, create or want to sleep or meditate can support us in such a gentle way.

Tracks include:

60 min Presence Sound Bath (crystal singing bowls)

60 min Pink Noise

60 min Rain on Roof

60 min Koshi Chimes

60 min Sleep Deeply Sound Bath

54 min Brown Noise

60 min Fall Asleep Sound Bath

Purchase the Sound / ASMR Bundle now

Once purchased, you will be able to download them to your computer to keep forever and listen to as many times as you like!

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