Soul Connections ~ Call in and connect with your soul family, clients, partners + more

Do you want to consciously call in and attract people into your life that you are here to connect with in this lifetime?

Do you want to call in clients that you are here to serve for their highest good?

Do you want to magnetize those to you that you have spent many lifetimes with and feel a connection with on a deep level?

Do you want to meet the people that will support your soul's expansion (through the good and challenging experiences)?

+ more?

Get the Soul Connections Guided Meditation Script on my Etsy Store HERE

You will receive 1x pre written meditation script - Soul Connections Meditation / 1143 words / PDF File

This script will support the listener in using their soul's frequency to call in and connect with soul family, clients, partners and those they are here to co-create with in this lifetime.

You can use these meditations scripts in your programs, apps and business!

You can read them out loud for live sessions or do a voice over to create your own audios for your youtube channel!

You can also use it for personal use to support you in whatever it is you need.

What you will receive:

1x PDF file of the Soul Connections Meditation Script (1143 words) - digital download with full rights to use as you wish (non exclusive).

Get the Soul Connections Guided Meditation Script