Self Forgiveness

It is important that we forgive ourselves for the times where we did not act in alignment with our higher self, perhaps because of fear, not feeling safe, or not being in our heart in that moment. When we do not have a certain level of self worth, love, empowerment & energetic mastery it takes to hold our pure channel in the midst of all the energies around us it can feel overwhelming and our ego can take over. We may know who we are but are still scared to say or do that which the highest version of ourselves would. We know we feel inspired to say or do something but we feel frozen in our fears or limiting beliefs. We can then feel disappointed in ourselves, upset or even angry that we let fear take over.

Have compassion & forgiveness for yourself. You are human & this experience has activated this vibration within you so it can now be transmuted by you by allowing these emotions to be felt and alchemized into self compassion, forgiveness & unconditional love. On this human journey we are on there will be different levels of consciousness, embodiment, activations, initiations & triggers, so its honoring all parts and versions of ourselves wherever we are on our path. If we hold on & have resentment or resistance towards ourselves because of past experiences this will only cause us suffering. We need to be able to forgive ourselves & others and focus on the present moment and choose in this now moment to move forward with greater courage and empowerment and to have compassion for what we may encounter moving forward. Sometimes we may need to take time & space for ourselves to go within to heal & anchor into our own energy so then we have a strong foundation for when we go out into the world and interact with other people & experiences. Listen to your own inner guidance for what is best for you as we are all unique. Know you are beautiful & perfect no matter what. You did the best you could from your level of awareness that you had in the past, now it's time to focus on the present & to embrace the new opportunities to shine your light & true souls essence 🦋

Much Love