Self Compassion

It's being able to love yourself unconditionally & to nurture & embrace all parts of you - the suppressed, rejected, shadow aspects & to see them & love them.Through cultivating self compassion this will allow you to feel the wholeness of you, to feel complete within your being, regardless of outer opinions or getting validation from others. You honor what is coming up for you through whatever way the suffering you are experiencing is arising. You hold space for yourself, you nuture yourself & you give yourself loving presence. You accept & love all parts of you & you listen to what you need within & you serve yourself, you give yourself the sacred medicine which lies beyond the suffering through having self compassion. We have the power & ability to heal all suffering within us by having unconditional self compassion...are you willing to give yourself this? You may be used to having compassion for others, your family, the planet, the animals but how often do you give it to yourself? A lot of what arises within can come from childhood & other lifetimes so accept the invitation to heal in this present moment to free yourself. To be able to feel & embrace the divine feminine energies within you is a strength, the easier route is to bypass it, to shove it down, to numb yourself with alcohol, work etc but this will only prolong the suffering, so choose now, choose today to have self compassion & love within.

Much Love