See yourself in others

You can choose to see others through the eyes of God/Source/Divine (whatever word you prefer to use) & to see them as the source energy being that they truly are. Sometimes you may feel triggered by others & if this is the case it is an invitation to look within and see the aspects of yourself that need love and acceptance.

You are responsible for the way you feel, not another person as its only you who chooses how you respond or how you view the present moment and whether you see the gift in it.

Observe, be the awareness and free yourself and others from the box you have put them in. Don't hold others to their past as people change and grow just like you!

True freedom is releasing the hold of the boxes, labels, personalities & seeing into the heart & essence of yourself and others.

You may observe the suffering & separation another may be feeling but you know that it is just what they are experiencing in the moment it is not who they truly are!

Hold the knowing of their higher self in your heart and awareness. Open to Love, open to compassion and see yourself in another.

Much Love