Saturday Thoughts

At the source we are all One, however in the current consciousness & dimensional reality we as humans are existing in we do have things such as language (words tend to negate each other therefore can contribute to duality) to communicate therefore there is a sense of duality & separation. However we can have this innate knowing of oneness, unity & non duality in our hearts as we navigate this experience. We can also tune more into our energy & emit that of love even when we are speaking words so that we can still transmit this frequency through the communication with others. As we do raise up into the higher dimensions & reach higher states of consciousness we eventually will be more light bodies, telepathic, more unity & less duality etc but for right now where humanity is at we are dealing with these mental constructs therefore when we can become more conscious of the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, sensations that are arising within us / within the field of consciousness, we can align more with that true essence of who we are & then come to a point where we can drop all of the mental constructs all together. But right now where humanity is at we did come to embody & express our unique souls essence & consciousness within the one Source consciousness. Source wanted to know itself through having reflections/us as souls as part of the One to have different perspectives & states of consciousness, however we can step out of the perception of separation through raising our frequency & consciousness & affect the whole collective consciousness of humanity to aswell remember our true self as One. 🤍

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