Rising into the higher dimensions

Raising up into the higher dimensions is not about going anywhere, it is being right here on Earth being able to exist in a higher range of frequency with more unconditional love & unity. It's a state of being & the ability to access higher states of consciousness & to exist in a new level of reality. It's experiencing heaven on Earth. We can then be clear channels to anchor the higher frequencies & energies into Earth to assist in raising the collective consciousness on the planet. During our ascension process our physical bodies are upgrading too just like the mental & emotional shifts that are occurring so we can anchor in more light and integrate the mind with our heart. When we can reside in the higher dimensions we are embodying more of our true souls essence, we are becoming more of our higher self in human form. We can begin to perceive beyond our limited human awareness & start to activate & experience our multidimensional abilities.

There is so much love & support around us always, we did not come here to do this alone, but to have the beings in the higher realms to assist us in this process. Also understanding we are the ones in physical form who chose to be here at this time, a lifetime to experience so much soul expansion & self mastery✨