Remembering Your Goodness Is The Medicine

How often do you focus on your goodness?

How often do you focus on your light?

Are you spending all your time focusing on things that you want to change about yourself, what you need to improve, what you need to be better at, what is lacking in your life, and focusing on the parts of you that you don’t like?

Or do you focus on your goodness? Do you focus on your divinity? Do you focus on your wholeness?

Remembering your goodness is the medicine.

Bring light to those parts of you that want love and presence from you, but don’t stay stuck and focused on what needs to be changed or what needs to be different.

Allow yourself to be present with your life as it is now.

Can you have gratitude and appreciation for your life how it is now?

Can you be in stillness and presence and receive inspiration so you can be guided forward?

You are always whole, you are always divine.

Are you resisting that? Are you neglecting who you truly are?

Don’t let the conditioned mind run your life or fog up the perception of yourself.

You are beautiful, you are whole, you are loved, you are sacred, you belong here.

Remember your goodness and bring your focus back to your goodness.

Bring your focus back to your light.

Bring your focus back to the value that you have just by existing, just by being a unique aspect of God/Source/The divine.

Bring your focus back to the loving being that you are on the earth.

Bring your focus back to the joy you can experience in your life in every moment.

Bring your focus back to perceiving love, peace, compassion.

Bring your focus back to embodying and expressing who you truly are.

You don’t always have to focus in on the perceived negatives or shadows.

Yes there may be hearts desires that havn’t been met yet, but that’s okay. Can you trust in life, can you trust in the unfoldment of it through being soul led?

You can do all the things, but if you keep denying who you truly are, if you keep resisting your wholeness, your divinity, your goodness then that will keep you in a loop of chasing ans suffering and be further ahead and escape this present moment. But the present moment Is all there is.

So allow your heart to soften and open.

Be all that you are.

Integrate the mind with the heart.

Integrate all those things that are coming up to be felt and coming up to be acknowledged through your awareness of them.

Don’t forget your light, don’t forget your divinity.

Don’t forget the perfection that is you right now just how you are.

Much Love,