Remember your divinity at this time! (important)

What will help many humans at this time is the remembrance and claiming of their divinity. To remember that they have never been separated from their Source. Through self awareness and self realization we become anchored in our power that comes from a soul level that can greatly benefit our human lifetime (and that we came here to embody). We can go directly to the Source of who we are to create transformation through the direct realization of our sovereign divinity and our wholeness (rather than trying to convince or get our human awareness on board with our worthiness). We can then see clearly beyond what our traumas or programing would have us believe and we lovingly hold space for ourselves when we are going through phases of processing and integrating these parts of us that we need to forgive, see, hear and bring presence to. It's a shift in consciousness and in our state of being that remembers, accepts and embraces the unique aspect of Source that we are and moves forward remaining steadfast in this alignment.

If you feel like you are on a continuous loop of doing shadow work on the same thing perhaps a key thing for you to do would be to claim all of you, your divinity and your divine humanness, your loving, abundant, compassionate, creative, eternal essence and to drop all that which you deep down know isn't you (you are not bad, worthless, not good enough etc) and don't wish to play in or carry any longer, see it for what is is, and allow it to arise and dissolve without attachment to it. This takes inner leadership and your conscious choice to do so. Knowing who you are and using pure intent is powerful, which is why so many fear it, because when you know yourself as powerful and loving you can create big shifts in your own life and within the collective of humanity.

I invite you to ask yourself:

- What am I afraid of if I claim my divinity and power?

- What benefits or comforts am I attached to which keeps me playing small?

- How is continuously 'doing the shadow work' making me feel more in control of my life (ego) but at the same time keeping me from moving forward and changing my state of being right now?

Much Love 🤍