Quick ways to get back into the present moment

It's an old outdated program to be stressed, busy, overwhelmed & anxious in our daily lives...

We can choose to live differently & break that pattern for ourselves & therefore show others that there is another way. (Life isn't meant to be so serious!)

Get present & honor what is arising in each moment - our life is made up of all these moments!

We can hold a vision in our heart for what we want or where we are going & have structure in our life to get us there (which will then enable us to relax & be in that flow state aka balancing masculine & feminine energies) but also embrace & appreciate where you are right now in this moment.

When you are in the present moment you are open to receiving the inspiration, the guidance for the best aligned actions to take (& usually feeling a sense of inner peace or even joy), compared to being in a resistant energy feeling anxious & frustrated & blocking yourself from the blessings that want to flow to & through you..so being present is kinda a win-win situation for you in the now moment & the you in a "future" moment 💫

Much Love 🦋