Programs & Beliefs

Our programs & belief systems are like our default setting that we run on. They form how we see the world & how we be in the world, whether it is beneficial or in alignment with who we truly are or not. When something happens in life that reinforces these it strengthens it & can keep us stuck, keep us from moving forward & experiencing new things & it can feel like there is a barrier between us & our desires. We will become aware of what programs & belief systems we are holding when we start to become more consciously aware of what we are facing in each day & with others & by what things trigger us & are being reflected back to us. It is then up to us to decide whether this is a belief we want to keep or whether we want to let it go & form new beliefs that enable us to have new experiences & feel higher vibrational states.

It is easy to want to skip this inner work of being vulnerable & honest with yourself but this will not assist you in the long run if you want to shift & align with something different - you first have to hold different beliefs that support it.The universe works & communicates via energy, vibration, frequency. It does not understand words - it's the energy behind the words that is important. Allowing yourself to explore the programs & beliefs that you are holding enables you to then rewire these, therefore have different emotions, have different thoughts & as a result anchor in a higher frequency state & be open to attracting & allowing new vibrations & experiences to flow into your life.

Much Love ✨