Peace, Freedom & Consciousness

Peace is always within you. It is up to you to be still & draw your focus inwards to experience it. There are many things in your life experience that can cause this sense of peace to become hidden due to worries, stresses, beliefs & emotions that do not feel good. It is your job as a source energy being embodied in human form to allow that peace to be sensed & felt by you through the allowance of it. To take a breath & be in the present moment, letting all else go & surrendering to your natural state.

As you let go of the resistance & experience yourself as an energetic being beyond the limitations of your physical body & the many varying vibrations you experience on a day to day basis, you become free. Freedom is not something you get due to certain circumstances, freedom is a state of being. You can be in a room by yourself & feel free because you are not giving your power away to anything else, you know who you are & you know that nobody can take that freedom away from you unless you let them.

It all comes down to your choice of perception & whether you allow yourself to expand your consciousness from your limited human awareness so you can experience more peace & freedom in your life through seeing all things through the eyes of source & through Love. Rest knowing that you are the one in the driver's seat of your life experience & anything undesirable can be transformed through your state of consciousness.

- The Pleiadian Council of 9 channeled by Hayley Zammit 4/5/21