Overcome Depression Bundle

Beautiful Soul,

You have the power to overcome anything in this life.

Yes at the moment you may feel so much pain and suffering,

you may feel hopelessness, grief, hurt and overwhelmed...

You may of tried to sleep the pain away, take alcohol or drugs to take the pain away and escape this reality...

No matter how you keep yourself busy your mind is so loud and you feel this resistance and internal battle happening within you.. It is my wish to assist you not only to overcome this phase of depression but to actually move through it thriving in this lifetime. To give you my perspective on why you are experiencing this and how to overcome it with the most ease and grace possible. You are special & unique and needed here in this world

This Bundle includes:

1x 18min Guided Meditation for overcoming depression

1x 30min Audio Training

Learn what the root cause of depression is

4 Things to do to overcome depression

How to support someone going through depression

I truly believe many people are in need of this offering as many are suffering right now so I have made it ONLY $22NZD to purchase at this time to make it super affordable for anyone who is in need of this offering and who has not resonated or benefited from the current mental health support available.

This information is a unique perspective coming from Hayley, it gives you a more spiritual perspective and approach. You can choose if you resonate with this information or not but Hayley is here to empower you to overcome depression not just treat the symptoms. Hayley has been through depression and overcome it and is now thriving in her life experiencing so much more happiness, joy, love, inner peace than ever before. Take what resonates, use discernment and leave the rest.

Get it now: https://www.hayleyzammit.com/overcome-depression-bundle