Our unique perception and experiences

You have had experiences that other people have not had & other people have had experiences that you haven't had. And even two people could be in the same situation but have two completely different experiences due to their emotional, mental, spiritual, physical state, past trauma, awareness etc

Anything is possible especially as anything can be created through consciousness. Know anything you feel, believe, experience is valid and true in your own direct experience of it, other people do not need to agree or believe you to make it right or wrong or true or false. It just is.

Many things we can find difficult to explain and process especially if it is not the norm & most likely our minds & other peoples minds will want to reject anything it does not understand or doesn't fit in the current paradigm. The more we can have an open mind & honor all experiences, feelings, beliefs that may differ from our own, the more we come to know ourselves and the world as infinite and unlimited & full of possibilities and creative potential. We come to know how powerful our consciousness and energy can be when it comes to creating heaven on earth and knowing our true self.

It can be helpful to let go of all that we think we know, all our beliefs and remain in the presence of the now & in your own awareness where things arise and dissolve and the is-ness of life can just be, without attaching labels or meaning onto everything - we can be open and not be in resistance to what is unfolding. We can then be in pure presence and receive inspiration and take action that feels aligned at a soul level that feels joyful for us while also being of service to all. Be love in action in whatever way that looks for you no matter how small or big it may seem, you affect the whole either way.

Much Love 🤍