Our teachers

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

You may have been brought up learning things from you parents, grandparents, or people that are really important to you. Such as values, whats right or wrong, beliefs etc

You believe and trust everything they say because you LOVE them and TRUST them..they have been your teacher and people you look up to..

Then you went through something in life which caused a shift in consciousness...a shift in perception and way of seeing things.

You became more aware of the teacher inside of you...your intuition..your inner being...your inner knowing.

You started questioning everything ...everything you had known and have been taught by those you looked up to.

You may feel confused, crazy and maybe even betrayed as you discover the truth of what life really is, who you really are, knowing you are not alone, remembering how powerful you are....when before you were made to feel small in this world.

Please know "you don't know what you don't know'. Those loved ones taught you all they could from their level of consciousness..their perception and helped you grow with the knowledge they had..perhaps what was passed down from their parents!

Know it is OK to feel differently and have different views on life than those you looked up to...you are not disrespecting them at all you just awakened to a new awareness. Let them know you love them and grateful for all of the lessons.

They may not understand or be on the same wavelength as you right now but thats OK...they will awaken in their own divine time..or maybe in their next lifetime...or maybe you will plant the seed in their mind...

Embrace your journey , trust your intuition, go within your heart and love everyone else no matter their beliefs or opinions. Hold no judgments just love. We are all here to have different unique perceptions in life for the expansion of all of us / universe / source. And how cool is that!

Much Love