Our journey of embodiment

Embodiment of our higher self is something that does not just happen overnight, but it is a journey of many initiations & awakenings. It is generally not always easy or comfortable but requires courage & trust.

Do not put pressure on yourself to escape where you are at now & to think you should be further ahead or be 'better'..because it is through the acceptance of what is & through embracing the present moment without needing anything to change is when we can truly shift & is where our power lies.

Integrating more of ourselves moment by moment, embracing both our light & dark, knowing the shadow parts just want to be acknowledged & loved & the sacred medicine of our Love & presence is what can transform anything.

When we can just Be & reside in our true souls essence we allow more unfoldment of our highest path to occur naturally, we surrender & flow with the voice of our heart without placing limitations & expectations upon it & the ability of our souls creative life force. We are vessels for miracles, healing, activation & transformation through being creators of our reality for the highest good of all & in accordance with our souls intentions & our free will. We can express our unique embodiment through the many ways it wants to be expressed which we can discover through what naturally arises within in the present moment & through what sparks a joy, excitement & knowing within us.