Online Guided Meditation Session

Updated: Oct 4

Want a private 1:1 virtual meditation session?

Have a 1:1 Private Meditation Session Online (via Zoom) with meditation guide and spiritual teacher, Hayley Zammit.

Are you feeling...

  • Like your mind feels so full and busy…can’t get rid of the internal chatter?

  • Like you have a low mood and just want to experience some peace and calm

  • Like you want to develop your intuition

  • Like its hard to be positive or happy

  • Like you are disconnected to who you truly are

  • Like there is more to life that you could be experiencing

  • Like you would like some personalized support based on you and what you are currently facing in your life

  • + more?

Do you want to…

  • Experience more peace, l,ove and balance in your life

  • Connect deeper to your true self and authenticity

  • Boost your overall sense of wellbeing

  • Learn how to be more present and grounded in your daily life

  • Shift your perspective to a higher state of love and unity

  • Integrate your humanity with your divinity

  • + more?

Book in for a 1:1 private meditation session. Hayley will write a custom meditation script for you (prior to your session) and guide you through it during your online session together. This meditation script will be personalized to you based on the information you provide on your consultation form when you book the private 1:1 meditation session.

You don’t have to commit to long-term sessions, just try ONE 30-minute session with Hayley and see how you find it and if it's something you felt shifted something within you. You get to choose if you want more sessions and how regularly you would like them.

Hayley is happy to record the session if you would like her to so she can send you it and listen to it as often as you like on your own.

These sessions are powerful because they are custom written for you and nobody else. If a random meditation on YouTube or another platform has not helped you, it may be because it was very general and not based on you, your experience, and what you have gone through in your life.

Book a guided meditation session with Hayley today

For further spiritual guidance and meditation offerings

~ Purchase my spiritual books on Amazon (in the process of writing more!)

~ Listen to my meditation bundles or get a custom meditation script written

~ Receive a distance healing or channeled message

~ Get a free 30 day guest pass to the Aura Health App

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