My spiritual awakening in 2016

As this is a time of awakening for many people I thought I would share my first major spiritual awakening experience with you all. It happened in 2016 I had gone to the lowest point mentally & did not know if I could live one more day, I called out to source/god for help & completely surrendered & let all resistance to what I was experiencing fall away, then everything changed. It was like I had a shift or expansion in consciousness & I was seeing the world through new eyes. I saw beauty everywhere, my spiritual abilities turned on. I started hearing spirit call my name, getting visions, feeling energy & having knowings. I would see myself from an awareness of me up by the ceiling or outside my room looking in at my physical human self. I started meditating & going within & discovering the true me, my higher self & accessing my own inner guidance, & the ego voice that was so loud that was trying to keep me in suffering & fear, dissipated. I would experience so much peace, unconditional love & bliss that I had never experienced before & I knew this was who I really was - a multidimensional being of Love, the eternal presence of consciousness having its expression through me as me. I continued on my journey releasing, activating, learning, embodying etc & this has led me to the work I do now, to help others remember, activate & embody their true souls essence to live a life of joy, ease & grace.

Im so grateful for my journey & know it was all part of the divine plan that I chose pre birth & there is so much more to come & for me to create & offer & bring in to the world! Know I am not here to save, change or fix you, but to be your mirror of the divine source energy being that you are! I want to remind you of your own power & to encourage you to be your own healer & teacher & to embody & transmit your own unique essence & codes & live your highest path & purpose in this lifetime. If you are going through a spiritual awakening right now, know it is a rebirth & this is a catalyst for you to be who you truly are, use your free will to invoke help, support, miracles & grace 🦋

Much Love 💜