My intention for you in 2020

My wish for you all this new year is to find inner strength and peace within you knowing you are so much more than you ever thought. That you start to believe and trust in miracles, and things that are unseen. To have faith and courage to get through the obstacles that you will encounter this yer and see them as lessons and experiences for growth. To have time to contemplate and ponder the people or situations that trigger you and ask why. To be able to shine your light and present your true authentic self to the world without being afraid of judgement or rejection. Understand you are a co creator of your life with the universe and you can do or have whatever you wish and to know you are free to change your mind of the things you desire at anytime. Do something you love everyday because it brings you joy and don't feel the need to seek validation from others. Know you are always enough and have so much support and guidance around you. Take time to be in the present moment and switch off from the stresses or busyness of everyday life and connect with yourself. Give yourself love, empowerment and enjoy the journey through your own personal unfoldment in this lifetime.

Much Love