Message for the collective from the Pleiadian Council of Nine 21/10/2020

Stand up for what you believe in & stand up for your rights but do this while you are in your heart center, not out of anger, frustration or dispear. Through the actions of the heart this will be out of love for yourself & for others, it will be from a place of knowing who you truly are & to assist humanity in the shift into the higher dimensions. As you walk the path of sovereignty observe from a neutral standpoint, don't get pulled in by the drama, by the lower energies circling around. Know who you are with such conviction that you stay in your center & in your alignment & this is where you invite others to meet you. Everything you do makes a difference on the planet, every kind & heart opening interaction, every prayer & blessing to others & for the Earth, everytime you raise your vibration & anchor in more light. You are indeed children of the stars here to once again assist in the ascension of this planet to remember who you are & align back with your source self & to guide the way into the higher dimensions. For the rest of the year we ask to continue going into your hearts this is important, this will keep you strong amongst the chaos & holding the light & wisdom that is needed at this time. Know you are not alone, blessings. ~ Message for the collective from the Pleiadian Council of Nine 21/10/2020

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